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Davis County

Before settlers the Shoshone Native Americans occupied what is now Davis County.The fertile soil, streams, & mountains attracted the early LDS pioneers, who settles in the Salt Lake Valley in 1847. They established schools, churches, & productive farms & shops in close knitcommunities. Davis County was officially made a county in 1852, named by one of its early settlers, Daniel C. Davis. The county includes a portion of the Great Salt Lake that inclues what is now Antelope Island State Park. 

Davis County In 1870 the Utah Central Railroad(now Union Pacific) was built going from ogden to SLC passing Davis County, bringing in manufactures products. At this piont the county transitioned to mechanized agriculture, banking, & local businesses, with improved roads, water systems & electrified homes & businesses. In the automobile & interurban railways, many people in davis county would go to Ogden or SLC to look for work. In WWII they established Hill Air Force Base in Davis County. This created a surge of employment & quickly became, and still is the states largest employers.

In 1940, when the population was barely at 16,000 residents, the county had increaed to a population of 147,000 in 40 years, doubling in population almost every decade. Davis county is projected to have 390,000 residents by 2030. With such a growth in population the county went from mostly the LDS settlers, to a wide range of ethnic, cultural & religious backgrounds.

Today there are many national commicial, industrial, recreational & service companies providing employment for northern Utah. The freeport center, located in Davis County, is the largest distribution center in Utah. With over 12 million feet of covered/open storage, occuped by over 70 renowned companies, they employ over 7,000 people.

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