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Morgan County

Morgan County

Morgan County was claimed in 1862, and named after the LDS leader, Jedediah Morgan Grant. It has 2 dams & 13 creeks off the Weber River. A lot of the acerage is used for Faming still, but many have other jobs on top of their farms. Much of the land is being sold for residencial developement. Morgan is close to ski resorts, lakes for boating, and many other outdoor activities.

Besides Native Americans, before 1826 3-4 hundred trappers had a redezvous on the Weber River in what is now Morgan County. After that they split into groups and left the valley. Thomas Thurston of Centerville took 2 friends to camp there to explore it. In 1855 he finally pursuaded a group of friends and family, including Charles S Peterson and Roswell Stevens, to attempt making an entry route through the canyon. Their compnay was strengthened when Jededia Morgan Grant sent 3 men with teams to help.

Peterson & Stevens settled into what was known as Peterson. Thurston chose to settle in Littleton. Soon 15 new settlements were formed nearby into what is now Weber County. In 1860 the Pony Express was estavlished, passing through morgan. in 1869 the Union Pacific railroad was built through Morgan, really putting Morgan on the map. This helped establish better roads and it eventually became known as the 'Gateway to the West.' In 1880 the first medical college in Utah was established in Morgan. Morgan also founded the first consolidated school system in the state in 1936.

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Morgan County